Lecture 1: Global Political Economy: How the World Works?

This lecture introduces the lecturer and his background, the nature of the course and how to use it and navigate around the 16 sessions. The final part is devoted to a short discussion on the meaning of international political economy. Then follow some illustrations how global political economy can add a dimension to the conventional and media discourse explanations of contemporary national and international events and contribute to an understanding of "how the world works"

12 slides

1. The lecturer – the course – the subject

2. Selected publications

3. The course

4. Selected course titles

5. Navigation Around the Course

6. What is Global Political Economy?

7. Flemish and French Speaking Communities in Belgium

8. George Kennan Policy on World Wealth Distribution – 1948

9. World Income Distributed by Percentiles of Population – 1992

10. World Income Distributed by Percentiles of Population “1992and2000”

11. Part of Consumption of Rich Country Citizens from the Global South (profit and interest) 2008

12. Petro-Core Differential Accumulation and Middle East :”energy conflicts” 1966-2003