Lecture 15. Global Governance: State and Private Authority

The second of two lectures on global governance. The lecture is divided into Global Governance 1 and Global Governance 2. Global Governance 1 was the network of inter-state organisations created in the 1940s but which was weakened after 1980 when it began to undermine material interest and power of major states. It was replaced by global governance 2 based on a network of private authority in which the corporation is dominant. However, this system allowed the growth of sub-state entities other than the corporation and currently makes a regime based global governance with uneven levels of impact.

8 slides

1. Global Governance 1: Interstate Cooperation

2. Organogram for Intended World Government

3. Networks of Interstate Organisations

4. The Demise of Global Governance 1

5. Global Governance 2: Governance by Private Local Authority

6. The Emergence of Global Governance 2

7. Global Governance 2 Introduces "Global Civil Society"

8. Actors in Multi-National / Global Civil Society Space