Lecture 8. Finance: Money, Finance and Politics

This is the first of the two lectures on the global transaction of finance. The first part of the lecture attempts to demystify the complex world of finance arguing that at the base there are some rather simple political relationships. The political aspects of exchange rates and the intervention of states to manipulate the outcomes of trading and financial transactions through exchange rates are discussed. Then focus is placed on the politics of lending and borrowing which is considered to be at the core of the politics of global finance. The lecture concludes with the brief consideration of three recent cases involving debt and austerity

12 slides

1. Introduction: Politics of Money and Finance

2. Banks and Corporation Compared by Market Capitalisation June 2009

3. Cross-Border Portfolio Flows (largest 30 countries) 2008

4. Money, Financialisation, and Finance

5. Power and the Global Financial Transaction

6. The Politics of Foreign Currency and Exchange

7. Exchange Rate Manipulation and Political Outcomes

8. The Politics of Lending and Borrowing

9. Private and Public External Debt as Percentage of GDP (2009)

10. The Politics of Borrowing

11. Global Lenders and Borrowers 2007

12. Global Politics and the Debt Explosion